Drive for Pune Campaign

Drive for Pune.png

At RideApp we are committed to better the streets of Pune and work towards curbing the recent traffic explosion in the city. To that effect, RideApp connects people who drive to work (drivers) to people who do not have cars and probably take the bus or an auto (riders).

First, I would like to thank so many people who have been pinging me with their words of encouragement (“Great Initiative”, “We need this!”) and the awesome response we have been getting on social media. (Like our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter).

We are starting a campaign throughout Pune and calling all those who drive alone to work everyday. Start giving lifts to your colleagues from work to home everyday and split your fuel costs. RideApp will help you schedule your rides, send requests to your colleagues to ride along and handle the transaction as well from within the app. No more awkward cash transactions!

If each of us who drive to work alone can give lifts to 3 other colleagues that will mean a 75% reduction in vehicles on road straight away. Say goodbye to frustrating traffic. Be more productive at work. Spend more time with family. Let’s make it a mission to decrease traffic in this lovely city.

Pune needs your help. Drive for Pune.


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