HackDesign: Design for programmers

Recently, I have been working with some designers - at work and otherwise as well. I find the process of working with designers a little difficult than it is working with other programmers.

This may be because I have been a programmer for the last 4 years and am now an Application Architect. I understand how programmers think because mostly all the programmers think in the same way and I find it easier to articulate my thoughts in a way which is more suited to the programmer mindset.

However, I love design. I think good design suddenly puts the product / software in a completely different trajectory. It suddenly becomes more usable, better looking and efficient. Given my affinity towards design and my inability to get into the designer’s mindset, I thought that it is time that I start working on design as a discipline and learn design for myself.

With the advent of the term Design Technologist and after reading a few articles on design by programmers, I am of the view that I can do it. I do have a good design sense but I can’t design from scratch. And I want to change that. I want to be able to make my own designs and build my own software. This will also help in working with designers.

I discovered a course tailored for programmers to get started with learning how to design - HackDesign.

I have started working through it and I have decided to write on what I read. What I will mostly write are the thoughts / summary of what I am reading for better retention and to have quick notes for myself to revisit later.

I wish myself all the best!


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