An easier way to read?

Everybody needs their reading dose - general articles on various topics to read at leisure. And everyone of us, if you think about it, hates searching for it. Who doesn’t like anything which comes on a platter!

How do you get your daily reading dose and read them? Newsletters, RSS feeds, bookmarks et al. Now how do you read them? I mostly send the articles to Pocket and read it later on my phone.

Pocket is awesome for reading. I like their typography - it’s pleasing to the eye. And it does a good job of creating the article view (images sometimes are a little off).

Most of the content I discover comes from Twitter.

Could there an app which I would open up and it gives me good content from twitter categorised by topic and add to my reading list with the article view and other niceties that comes with Pocket.

I am also exploring and using IFTTT app and they something cool which is “if something happens then you do this” - say, if I get tweet something with a hashtag then send me an email.

So the reading app could monitor for new good content on your favourite topics and when they become available put them into your reading list. (Pocket).

Alternatively, if one could push events to IFTTT which could in turn send to Pocket, a backend could be built to aggregate content from twitter based on hashtags and what to monitor and push to IFTTT.

This way, I just have to go to Pocket and find good articles all categorised by topics in a good reading format. I am not aware of something which solves this problem. Is there some way you manage this or there might be something which does this? Please let know on twitter.


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