Music and Technology

Music is life. There are very few things that give me as much pleasure as listening to good music. I know for a fact that I have a good taste in music and I love listening to new music.

The other best thing for me is technology. Building technology, using technology. I believe the best inventions of mankind come from technology. Technology is one of the major things which is taking the human race forward.

Music and Technology - a deadly combo. Never before did we have access to so much music with so little effort to put in. People now can listen to good music so easily that it has become second nature. Some notable technology companies that work in this space are Spotify, 8tracks and Saavn.

Having said that, the problem which I face is discovering new music which I like. Auto recommendations does work but a lot still needs to be done. Ideally all I should have to do is start an app on my phone and listen to good music only. No noise, no music which I do not like. Ofcourse there have been companies who has tried this have done well but nothing comes to my mind which could be the go-to technology for me.

Part of the problem is still legal. Which is annoying because it defeats the purpose of the internet.

I do not have an idea on how to design a technology which would be ideal for everyone. I do hope the problem gets solved sooner rather than later so that all of us could enjoy good music as easily as we do the morning air.

PS- Do let me know what works for you, what do you use for your music needs.


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