The 22 hour flight

I had recently been to the US. I had written this post on the flight - I absolutely hate flying.

For the record, I absolutely hate flying. I get irritated when a 2 hour domestic flight gets delayed by 10 minutes.

I am on a 22 hour long flight to the US now. This is my first international flight. If I had to describe my ongoing journey on this flight - it’s torture.

Flying economy class on such a long flight is painful. Ah, only if I were rich. It is worse than domestic flights. The leg space is minimal, four people in a row all wearing jackets makes it very clumsy. Nothing much to do except sitting in a cramped seat with headphones plugged watching movie after movie feeling the plane moving. The feel of a car moving is so much better.

To top it all, I am on a British flight. And I find it extremely difficult to understand the English accent. More so, when all the stewardess have different English accents.

Walking around in a train was so much more fun. Walking around on a plane is downright boring. I don’t know but there is something wrong with the liquor these English serve. I have had three vodkas and I feel nothing. The bar is only open to the business class - one less thing to do.

If you are travelling for the first time on a long international flight, lower your expectations. After seeing the Heathrow airport, I can say Delhi’s T3 and Mumbai’s T2 are better airports with far better efficiency and general help from the ground staff. Maybe it’s just London - I would not be surprised if it were.

Overall, all the excitement has already been killed. With 4 hours more to go, I am waiting for the plane to land and go to sleep for 2 days.


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