I have recently took up writing as a resolution. This is my fourth blog post in two weeks - not that I am writing as much as I would like to but I am proud of picking this up back again.

I believe everybody should write. It’s very beneficial for self and for other people as well. People read your ideas and will generally tell you what they think. Reading the comments from other people gives you an insight on what they think and this helps you in understanding them and reflecting on your ideas. Feedback is always good!

However, writing takes a lot of inspiration and dedication. You got to have reasons to write. Here are my reasons.

  1. Writing for Self - Before writing for someone else, always write for yourself first. Writing is meant to move your heart, your mind and your soul - not just the page meter. I view writing as a way of personal development and not as a way for business development. It always feels good to get gratification from others but having that as the only motive is detrimental.

  2. Writing brings clarity - Putting your thoughts in words clears the idea in your mind as well. If I am thinking about something I generally write about that. I have found that the idea becomes more crisp in my mind when I am writing about it. My mind works faster than my fingers so putting the idea down in words lets you spend the time on the idea that it deserves.

  3. Writing everyday - This is the toughest part. But it is great for personal development. If you decide to write everyday as a rule, you will start thinking about ideas (first by trying and then automatically). Ideas are cheap - they come and go fast. You just need to realise when you have hit upon an idea. If you decide to write about something, the idea sticks better in your mind because you have to write about it.

Happy Writing!


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